Thursday, September 16, 2010

sleep will come...

It's late. I can't fall asleep, once again. So I think that I will give this a try. My post may have a few spelling errors... ah but there is spell check. So please forgive my grammatical ones.

I made a new pair of earrings and matching necklace today and am really happy with them.  I think the necklace will be a gift to my mother in law who has been visiting this past month.  It's been really amazing having her here and this would be a nice way to say thanks for all of her help. The break from endless loads of laundry and mundane dinners has been awesome. And although she doesn't speak English, I think my Hungarian has improved a lot.

Halo Earrings and Necklace by Kate Szabone.

Work has been consuming much of my time and as much as I love it, the days are quickly passing, and I'm missing out on other important parts of my life.  I would love to have a schedule that will allow me time for three simple activities - swimming (just about the only workout I like), a long walk with the dogs, and a quiet hour of reading.  About three more hours a day are much needed.

Off to bed now, but I'll leave you with this wonderful, whimsy, work of art I bought for my daughter last year... Good night.

Lantern Dance by A Fanciful Twist.

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